Library Software Company in Gurgaon

We have a software development company that has developed Library Software Company In Gurgaon . Library management systems are designed to automate, manage and view libraries after over-all processing on a very large scale. It is able to generate various reports for book issue, returns, magazine / newspaper subscriptions, financing of payments due to members and managing balances, record- keeping and review as per the needs of software and users.


1. Book Issues/Returned/Due

2. Books Purchased

3. Books Recd. in Donation

4. Books in Default

5. Member Management

6. Staffing & Administration

7. Multimedia Support

8. Admin Panel

9. Pre-Booking

10. Returns

11. Advance Report

12. Multi-Tenant

13. Members Fine Report

14. Fine balances of Members

15. Payments Recd by Members